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Market Communication

Market Communication
23-03-2017 11:21
Early repayment
NOTICE N. 204 - Early Redemption XS1422234499 XS1457925508 XS1456469797
23-03-2017 10:57
Revocation and exemption from trading
NOTICE N. 203 - Withdrawal from financial instrument trading
23-03-2017 10:40
NOTICE N. 202 - Communication Strike and Barrier Level XS1422273471
23-03-2017 08:50
Trading suspension/resumption

EuroTLX informs that following to the early redemption event, trading on BNP PARIBAS ARBITRAGE ISSUANCE EUROSTOXX 50 AUTOCALLABLE 27.09.2018 EUR (ISIN XS1422234499), BNP PARIBAS ARBITRAGE ISSUANCE AZIONE FIAT CHRYSLER AUTOMOBILES AUTOCALLABLE 29.11.2018 EUR (ISIN XS1457925508) and SG ISSUER AZIONE ASSICURAZIONI GENERALI AUTOCALLABLE 29.11.2018 EUR (ISIN XS1456469797) has been suspended for today’s trading session pending delisting.
Early redemption and delisting Notice will follow.

22-03-2017 17:41
Revocation and exemption from trading
NOTICE N. 200 - Delisting 1 financial instrument FREXA0002347