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Concluded contracts 9,052, Total turnover € 238,024,564. Prices updated on 19-06-2019 17:29:56
Securities found: 3
ISINCategoryIssuerDescriptionExpiration DateCurrencyBid q.tyBid PriceAsk PriceAsk q.tyLast contract priceGross  yield to maturitySuspendedMarket communications
XS1713463716Corporate BondsEnel SpaEnel-Fix To Cms Call Sub 24nv7824-11-2078EUR0000101.42.44NoView
XS1713463559Corporate BondsEnel SpaEnel-Fix To Cms Call Sub 24nv8124-11-2081EUR0000101.012.98NoView
US92857WBQ24Corporate BondsVodafone Group PlcVodafone-Fix To Cms Call Sub 04ap7903-04-2079USD0000-5.34NoView

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